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Thomas, C. David, Palate to Plate: Prints and Recipes from Members of the Boston Printmakers, exhibition catalogue, Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI, 2013
reThink INK: 25 Years at Mixit Print Studio, exhibition catalogue, The Boston Public Library and College of the Holy Cross, Boston/Worcester, MA 2013, pp. 35, 53
Articles and Reviews

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Mehalakes, Elaine, "ReThink INK: 25 Years at Mixit Print Studio Boston Public Library", Art in Print, Jul/Aug, 2012, pp. 38-39
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“Næstved International Mini Print Exhibition”, The Boston Printmakers Newsletter, Fall 2008, p. 5
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Press release from May 2005 exhibition at Tufts University Art Gallery
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"The art of the artisan", SouthCoast Today, April, 1998